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Thriving In Tough Times

Client Harley-Davidson
Date Jan 15, 2009
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Final Presentation for DOT 2009 on Thriving Through Tough Times: Lessons Of Winning General Merchandise Managers And Other Retailers (updated January 15, 2009) Requires separate video files to be viewed properly

Tactics to succeed in tough times. What do successful retailers and winning Harley-Davidson General Merchandise Managers have in common? For once, they are thriving when everyone else is struggling to stay afloat. And how do they do that? They stick to the basics, the forgotten ones, the basics that have been taken for granted when things were going well, sometimes despite themselves.   It all starts with the right attitude: “I am not going to go flat” and then building on that promise through discipline, rigor and a commitment to enforce best operations and merchandising practices, including creating a team of motivated, committed and competent people. 

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