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The Psychology of the Consumer, Today and Tomorrow

Client The National NeedleArts Association
Date Jun 10, 2011
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Presentation at the 2011 TNNA Summer NeedleArts Market in Columbus, OH.

Change and volatility is what we would say characterize these challenging times. One day the economy is up and so is the consumer confidence and the next day they are both down. It is not that we are broke. It is just that we don’t feel too comfortable spending as much as we used to just because things are much less stable.  While the global recession is one of the reasons for this roller-coaster, that is not the only one. More is happening around us that is impacting consumer values, needs, and buying behaviors.   As a business you need to make decisions that will matter to the consumer today and tomorrow or risk becoming irrelevant to them. The Psychology of the Consumer, Today and Tomorrow helps you understand what forces are impacting consumer behaviors, how they are translating into new attitude and patterns of consumption and most importantly what product, operational, merchandising, pricing, marketing, human resources, and sales decisions you will need to make to earn their share of heart, mind and wallet. 


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