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The New Rules of Customer Engagement

Client Coverings, Tile, Stone & Flooring
Date Apr 21, 2016
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Presentation at Coverings '16 in Chicago, IL.

Learn the new rules of customer engagement and which brands and businesses are already capitalizing on them and why you cannot afford not to do the same. Join us on a fast paced ride that will rock your understanding of business today including your intuition. We are going to talk about: - A new definition of competition: industry shakers - A new definition of shopping: mobile and online imperatives and the end of retail pure plays - New retail channels: social retail outlets - Caring for Generation Z: your plan for the future - Caring for Generation Y: the most difficult customers - A new definition of store: merchantenment, retailtenment - Slow shopping: tapping into US consumers' preference for experiences - In store technology that customers really care about - Deliver me now: anyway possible - IoT: to gain operational efficiencies and deeper customer relationships - Low price no more: you need a point of difference and price is not it - Stocking up on more merchandise no more: shoppers have already too many choices


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