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Sales & Service Excellence Training Program

Client Underground Clothing
Date Nov 8, 2010
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Workshop for Underground Clothing Store Managers in Calgary, AB.

These last couple of years have been all about strategies that involved cutting and reducing. As a result, companies with their resources downsized, became known for their ‘good enough’ approach to business. Unfortunately, while this approach might have worked for these companies’ bottom line, it did not work for the customer.   With less money in their pocket yet plenty of options, guess where they would go to spend it? Not at the ‘good enough’ stores but at companies that know that this is the time to upgrade their service level. ‘Give more for less’ has become the new imperative where ‘more’ means more attention to the customer’s real needs. From the time when you welcome the customer in your store, to the time you ask them questions about their unique needs and get to really know their likes and dislikes, to when you make them trust your recommendations for a complete solution to their needs and finally to when you re-connect with them after the sale to get them to continue shopping with you, that is when you can truly make a difference in their life and, of course, in your company’s profits. (Based on James Dion’s book "Retail Selling Ain’t Brain Surgery, It’s Twice As Hard")

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