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Retail Ain't What It Used To Be & Tactics

Client Formula4Media
Date Oct 20, 2008
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Presentations at the 2008 Soccer Event in Los Angeles, CA.

In economies of abundance (and yes, even if this is a down economy, it is still an economy where there are a lot more wants than actual needs) it is all about shopping for experience & excitement. You may not be able to own a category - soccer gear - but you can own an experience that will excite your customers.   So even if you are not alone playing the soccer game and big box retailers, large discount chains, the internet, catalog companies, and soon interactive TV are too crowding the field, you can play a much better game by focusing on what you know will make you a winner. Not price, it would be a race to the bottom and you would lose the game, anyway. Rather, excite your customers with better service, better product, better/hotter assortments, better ambiance, better customer education, better gathering place, better ongoing relationship with your customer and a lot more.

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