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People Still Count

Client National Bicycle Dealers Association
Date Sep 27, 2007
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Seminar on selecting, training, and leading staff for the NBDA in Las Vegas (NV).

Your staff IS your company and your store!!! Every interaction with a customer is a Moment of Truth and defines your company. Staff are not interchangeable, they can be a strategic and competitive advantage. What happens when companies or stores view staff as an asset to be deployed instead of an expense to be controlled? Or when companies and stores don’t deploy the right recruitment, selection, on-boarding, training, development, performance review and succession planning tactics? They fail and the cost of failure is a lot higher than the investment in time and resources to do it right.   Learn about the structured behavioral interview techniques that help you select the right people for your company. Find out why a proper on-boarding strategy can save you lots of money down the road or why a proper succession planning strategy is not only good for your people, it is essential for your business. 


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