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New York, Chicago and Oakbrook Retail Study Tours

Client NARTA
Date Mar 17, 2012
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Fully curated study tours from the hottest specialty stores, department stores, and restaurants to mainstream retail.   They come with all sorts of insights and behind the scenes information that helps you understand why those stores are doing what they are doing. These guided experiences are created to inspire you and help you come up with novel ways to run your business. You will roam the streets and will be encoraged to look for the best of the best, find competitors and non-competitors, big and small, who are setting consumer expectations much higher than you've ever been able to. They're more fun, they have better design, their stuff tastes, looks, feels better, their customer service is better…. Then, you will be asked to compile what you think are now the global standards for whatever it is you do, and from there start thinking about new goods, services and experiences that at least incorporate those standards, and preferably outdo them.

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