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May You Live In Interesting Times

Client PRO Hardware
Date Oct 23, 2008
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Preesentation to the Pro Hardware Achievers Club in Half Moon Bay, Jamaica. 

Product reviews: if you don’t do it, someone else will. Never forget that bad reviews are not the problem. Not listening to (dissatisfied) customers is the problem! And yes, this is the age of Selling 2.0, where the customer does the talking for, well, the customer. “65% of consumers actively seek reviews” a recent Social Shopping Study reveals. Can you afford not to do it?   Consumers' homes are said to forever be the customer’s castles, their cocoons, their most prized possessions. What an opportunity for hardware stores selling professional grade products that provide extraordinary INsperiences (as opposed to EXperiences, or external), such as shower systems that combine water, mist, light and scent….   Learn about these and other powerful strategies and tactics that you can implement tomorrow for increased sales and better customer satisfaction.

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