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Making A Showrooom Into A Sales Room

Client Crossville Inc.
Date Mar 24, 2010
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Presentation for Crossville in Nashville, TN.

Increase traffic and close more sales. How? First, look around and see how consumers have changed. We are not taking about how they have become more frugal but, rather, how they have upped their demand for new and exciting ways to cater to them. Whether it is about always expecting new and exciting products, or, more complete service offerings made up of instant alerts on what's hot, education on your products or services, social media to keep them informed in real time, or opportunities to make their life more convenient by becoming a brand ‘butler’. Then, focus on the store environment. What makes a store stand out? Human beings are visual and a good looking store always gets their vote. But stores are made for selling product and aesthetics alone are not enough to make it easy, convenient and compelling for the customer to shop. Learn the techniques to mix art and science for great looking stores that sell a lot. And, finally, let's focus on the Sales Consultant role which is not just to sell product but to identify opportunities for the customer, teach them how to capitalize on them and ‘change their life’. And when you think that they have learned enough, teach them one more. Customers love to learn and if you are not sure about it, just think how much time we all spend on the web just reading about products!  

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