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It's All About The Customer - How To Really Sell In Your Store

Client Dell
Date Sep 25, 2006
Access Public


Seminar on selling and handling customers' complaints for Dell's launch of their new retail venture in Dallas (TX).

Psych 101: in case you haven’t noticed people today are ‘different’ - in more of a hurry, stressed out / time poor, less polite, have a more “relaxed” conscience, don’t trust companies, stores, staff or each other!, are quicker to anger, are more demanding and less loyal; companies too are ‘different’ - less loyalty and  give less latitude to employees, are driven by short term gain and not long term strategy (blame Wall Street!), value speed of decisions & execution over accuracy, are made up of people so all that we said about customers also applies! How do you deal with a customer who is ‘different’ and more prone to complaints? Why is that important to your business?   Did you know that dealing with a complaining customer can cost you a mere 1% of sales – cost of a return, a perk, service, accommodations – whereas the cost of losing them for good and/or to gain new customers to replace those that are gone can be ten times more? Eleven steps to properly dealing with the complaining customer and earning their trust for life.


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