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Hiring Right Has Never Been Easier

Client Underground Clothing
Date Oct 13, 2010
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Webinar for Underground Clothing of Canada.

Using a process known as Structured Behavioral Interviewing (SBI), learn how to screen, select and hire the right people for your company. Learn the key steps you need to take to prepare for the SBI, to conduct it, to assess the interviewed candidates, to make the final selection and finally to make them an offer of employment. From screening the many resumes and applications you receive, to developing open-ended, high-yield and recent, long-standing past behavior questions, to planning for the interviews to conducting them and finally assessing the candidates based on the requirements for the job, no step in the process is left to chance. Because, hiring right can truly be a Million $ decision, if you count the money a good hire can bring to your company or, conversely, a bad hire can cost you.


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