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Harvesting The Low Hanging Green Fruit (Handout)

Client National Retail Federation
Date Jan 14, 2009
Access Public


Presentation at the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2009 Annual Convention in New York City (NY).

Sustainability is not a fad or a marketing gimmick, it does not have to cost more, it should be taken for granted and not bragged about. Ultimately, ethical operations = sustainable operations and sustainability can help you save money. It is the same as the difference between price and cost.   A look at internal opportunities to do the right thing such as, store operations (lighting, HVAC, EMS systems, equipment), merchandising (reputable sources, reduce / reuse / recycle, local, Just In Time), supplies & equipment, advertising & marketing and staff as well as external opportunities like environmentally friendly products and customer involvement / education.


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