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Category Management Fundamentals

Client JDA Software Group
Date Dec 1, 2006
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Webinar to the Retail Systems Alert Group sponsored by Intel and JDA Software.

What is category management, what category management can do for your store, your buying and your customer, how to build a category - the rules, how to use the information you gather to grow your business and increase customer satisfaction are some of the objectives of this interactive and highly practical workshop. “Customers vote with their wallets” and you can summarize the votes in a logical, easy to understand way. Not by department, but by category.    Tracking your business by department does not tell you enough. Tracking it by SKU does not tell you much either beyond your top best sellers and worst sellers as it ignores the majority of your business. Ultimately, what you need is the proper identification of categories (names) and consuct your display, planning, Open to Buy, reporting and price analysis all at the category level. 


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